Easy Payment , Quick Delivery

 Once payment is made and has been authorized by either of our secure payment gateways your code will be sent  to your registered mailbox - Any time of the day or night , 360 days a year *

Quick , safe and secure - No Waiting and no fuss . All that you need to do is redeem your code online and enjoy your purchase


Auto Delivery

All codes are mailed automatically and are normally dispatched within 5 mins after payment has been authorized *. The time frame from payment to code delivery is under 5 mins . Our automatic mail system will mail codes while your order value is below R1800 and daily ( 24 hour ) limit is below R1800 . There is also a 2 purchase limit set for 24 hours . These measures are imposed in order to reduce the fraud risk , and is guidelines set down by the banks .Once this limit has been reached , we will only be able to release your code during Business Hours


* Note the Instant EFT option by Payfast relies on you entering the Payfast provided reference number correctly . If instructions are not followed , your payment can only be approved by Payfast during their operating hours Mon - Fri . Similarly , if your bank does not authorize the payment , your code can only be sent once they do so