Terms and conditions of use

Cheapcodes is an online retailer of Vouchers and are in no way affiliated with Sony, Microsoft or Apple. Support on codes is handled by the respective manufacturer only  .This holds true irrespective of where the code originated from .

As a distributer , we will provide you with a scan of the physical code and verify that the code mailed to you is correct.  If you have the correct code and you are unable to redeem , you will have to contact customer support of the code in question . This forms part of the Conditions Of Sale on the voucher


Codes are non-returnable

Once you have paid for a code , our system will automatically mail it to your registered email address and de-register the code from the manufacturers database . What this means is that there is no way to re-enter the code into the system once it has been send to you .

Please make sure that you are buying the correct code for your country of registration - ie If you have registered your account in the States , only a US code will work . Worldwide codes are designed to work anywhere in the world . Please note if you are purchasing iTunes vouchers , they will only work on an USA iTunes account . Please visit the iTunes store to verify that you comply with their terms and conditions before purchasing as Cheapcodes cannot be held responsible for you not being compliant

 Invalid Codes

Please note that we have to be informed about an invalid codes within 5 days of being mailed .

We will then verify that the code numbers/letters are valid . If the correct code was mailed , we will send you a scan of the codecard and instructions on how to log a claim with the relevant distributor  

Note that Cheapcodes is an online retailer of Vouchers and are in no way affiliated with Sony, Microsoft or Apple. Support on these codes are handled by the respective manufacturer , irrespective of where you purchased the code from .


Auto Delivery

All codes are mailed automatically and are normally dispatched within 5 mins after payment has been made . Our automatic mail system will mail codes while your order value is below R2000 and / or your daily ( 24 hour ) limit is below R2000 .Once this limit has been reached , we will only be able to release your code during Business Hours


Please note that payments are handled by a 3rd party payment gateway , Payfast  - They will authorize and validate the payment with your bank – once they have done so , your code will be mailed .

This process typically takes a few seconds from your payment being submitted to your code being mailed - HOWEVER , if for any reason there is a delay in your bank authorizing the payment , the codes will only be mailed once the payment has been verified by the gateway . We do not see the order until the gateway has authorized and updated your cart .

If such a problem or delay occurs , there could be up to a 48 hour delay . This is rare and is usually resolved via a quick call to the gateway in question – we are unable to call the gateway on your behalf as we do not have any of your banking details and personal information that will be asked

Game Codes

Steam products are offered subject to your acceptance of the Steam Subscriber agreement ( SSA ) . You must activate this product via the internet by registering for a steam account and accepting the SSA. Please see www.steampowered.com/agreement to view the SSA .If you do not agree with the provisions of the SSA , you should NOT purchase this product . The downloads may be large , do not purchase this product if you are not willing to download the product and/or the updates associated with the game