CHEAPCODES recognizes that security is one of the major concerns for the shopper during an online transaction. So we use a payment gateway that uses state of the art security tools and techniques to ensure that you are protected against online fraud. Look for the secure symbol in the address bar of your browser for peace of mind

 In reality, an online purchase is probably more secure than a card transaction conducted in a shop. No details of yours are ever recorded ( or even seen by anyone ) . Your credit card transaction is done on the PAYFAST Secure site .  We also suggest you enroll your card in your banks 3D SECURE program ( CLICK HERE for links to your banks 3D SECURE registration process ) for an extra layer of protection

Payments are handled by a large 3rd party payment gateway , Payfast - They will authorize and validate the payment with your bank – once they have done so , your code will be mailed .

This process typically takes a few seconds from your payment being submitted to your code being mailed - HOWEVER , if for any reason there is a delay in your bank authorizing the payment , the codes will only be mailed once the payment has been verified by the gateway .We do not see the order until the gateway has authorized and updated your cart .

If such a problem or delay occurs , there could be up to a 48 hour delay . This is rare and is usually resolved via a quick call to the gateway in question – we are unable to call the gateway on your behalf as we do not have any of your banking details and personal information that will be asked . We are also unable to cancel your order as there is no way to cancel a transaction once it has been submitted .

 * Note the Instant EFT option by Payfast relies on you entering the Payfast provided reference number correctly . If instructions are not followed , your payment can only be approved by Payfast during their operating hours Mon - Fri .


Payfast Payment Portal ( Preferred Method )

Online Credit Card Payments ( Visa & Mastercard )

We use a state of the art mail delivery system - Once payment is made via our secure payment gateway your code will be sent  to your registered mailbox - Any time of the day or night , 360 days a year . Quick , safe and secure - No Waiting and no fuss . All that you need to do is redeem your code online and enjoy your purchase

Payfast is endorsed by all the major banks and accepts Visa & Mastercard , Straight or Budget .

No details of your card or transaction are ever stored . Once you select Payfast as your payment option , your will leave cheapcodes and enter a secure banking gateway where you will enter your credit card details real-time - no one will ever see your card details and no record is stored - safe and no possibility of fraud.



Electronic Transfers ( EFT's )

Instant EFT

ABSAFNBNedbankStandard Bank



Instant EFT is PayFast's patented, revolutionary payment method which allows you to pay via regular Internet banking from the major South African banks without having to wait 2 days for the funds to clear or having to fax proof of payment.

Unlike other systems, no special software is required to use Instant EFT and our system works across all browsers.

Benefits for you

  • No 2 day waiting period
  • No proof of payment required
  • No disclosing of your financial information
  • No delay in checkout process
  • No special software required


Frequently Asked Questions

Which banks do you support?

Currently we support payments from ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank.

What if I don't bank with one of the supported banks?

You will unfortunately, not be able to use Instant EFT for the moment then, but you can still make use of the Payfasts Credit Card Payment Option

Do I need to send proof of payment to you or the merchant?

No, you don't need to send proof of payment to either of us. PayFast's system confirms that the actual funds have been transferred so there is no need for an email or a fax from the bank as further confirmation.

Why is the payment so fast!

We hold bank accounts at ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank. When you pay, you pay into a bank account held at the same bank as your own. Because it's an internal transfer, the payment takes place quickly and we're able to positively acknowledge that the funds have reached our account without a 2 day wait associated with normal EFT transfers



We have decided to cancel the Paypal option due to high fraud levels on the platform


3D Secure Info

3d secure offers added protection for your card in the form of a pin number and/or password . This is an extra level of protection and will link a pin number / password to your card that will prevent unauthorized use at participating online merchants 


Absa bank  ( Click For Registration site )

Helpline  012 317 3344


Nedbank  ( Click For Registration site )

Helpline 011 710 4710


Standard Bank  ( Click For Registration site )

Helpline 086 120 1311



Helpline 011 369 2999